Plantation, Irrigation, Maintenance

Transforming Vision to a Beautiful and Elegant Green Reality
Literature in every culture eulogizes the garden as a place of sanctuary, an earthly paradise whose natural, organic constituency sets it apart from the wholly man-made realm.
The garden is our own space, and it is here that we have the unusual and unique opportunity to create something for ourselves.

  • Our Landscape Architects and Horticulturalists will recommend plant combinations and species to enhance the theme of your landscape, whilst considering the climate and water requirements.
  • Our irrigation designers will work closely with our horticulturalists to ensure maximum efficiency of water usage minimum wastage.
  • Using the latest water saving techniques, our irrigation systems are automatically controlled to provide the exact water requirement beneficial to the plants.
  • Water saving technology and soil treatments are incorporated to provide sustainable, environmentally compatible landscape.
  • Imagineering maintenance team will preserve your landscape in pristine condition
  • We will develop and nurture your project as it matures
  • To provide all year round interest, we will add seasonal colour and scent
  • Contribute to the environment by adopting green waste re-cycling through our maintenance team.