Claddings, Renders, Textures

Products with Unique Aesthetic Quality
We supply and install a range of façade finishes using render and cladding systems, for both refurbishment and new built systems. We source products from local and international markets that are of high quality and performance with unique architectural aesthetic qualities. Insulation against noise and a broad range of sustainable, thermal and energy efficient products that offer large energy savings to building owners.

  • Cladding - leading external wall insulation systems that offer cost effective, thermally efficient and lightweight cladding system.
  • Renders - a range of specialty lightweight renders designed for permanent adherence to various substrates and fine rated patching products.
  • Textures - wet and dry applied finishes, ranging from very coarse to very fine textures in any color.
  • Masonry Paints - flexible pigmented sealants
  • Mouldings - a wide range of lightweight and durable facade mouldings
  • Columns - light weight architectural columns